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February 5, 2014
Dengensha opens customer service/support center in Mexico
Dengensha Mexico has opened a customer service and support center in Leon, Mexico, for resistance welding customers in Mexico and Central and South America. The company’s resistance welding product line includes projection and spot... Read more...


December 7, 2004
Spot/projection welding machine designed for heavy-duty applications
The S-NDX stationary spot/projection welding machine by Dengensha America is designed for heavy-duty applications that require high welding capacity. The machine has a sturdy frame with an adjustable lower knee and optional T-slot platens.... Read more...


November 20, 2003
Exercising control
This three-phase, mid-frequency inverter is a dual-gun projection welding machine with a pneumatically operated lift table for the workpiece. Although mid-frequency technology isn't new, North American buyers are increasingly turning... Read more...