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September 26, 2014
Diehl Steel receives trophy in Tri-State Family and Private Business of the Year Awards
Cincinnati-based Diehl Steel collected the runner-up trophy at the Tri-State Family and Private Business of the Year Awards for privately held companies that have been in business 50 years or more. The company has been supplying tool steel, alloy... Read more...


May 27, 2014
Presquared tool steel saves time for tool- and diemakers
Accu-Squareâ„¢ presquared tool steel from Diehl Steel helps save time for tool-, die-, and moldmakers by reducing or eliminating the need for further squaring of the blocks. The tool steel comes presquared on all six sides to a tolerance... Read more...


April 18, 2013
Diehl Steel adds plate mill
Diehl Steel, Cincinnati, has installed a new plate mill that allows the company to custom-machine steel material up to 30 in. wide by 50 in. long by 12 in. high. The company now can machine larger sizes of tool steel, alloy steel, high-speed... Read more...