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October 3, 2012
Roll forming machine delivers product mix flexibility
Dreistern has developed a new roll forming machine concept offering product mix flexibility. The multifunctional roll forming machine allows operations such as roll forming, punching, and welding to be executed at any position on the machine... Read more...


July 14, 2009
Roll forming fine-tuning system works offline
Dreistern has developed an automatic tooling measuring and tuning system. All measuring and fine-tuning work is performed offline so that the roll forming machine remains available for production. The system measures and stores the last good... Read more...


December 12, 2006
System provides precision roll formed parts at high speeds
Dreistern's Start-Stop® technology provides precision roll formed parts at high production speeds. In the Start-Stop mode, the advancing profile is stopped briefly during the cutoff and punching operations, after which the profile is... Read more...