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August 28, 2012
EFD Induction Norway makes staffing changes
EFD Induction Norway, Skien, Norway, has announced several changes to its staff. Jan Arve Fuglaas has been appointed sales manager, with responsibility for the company's tube and pipe welding and normalizing system sales in Asia. He works... Read more...


April 25, 2012
EFD Induction acquires Electronic Heating Equipment
EFD Induction, Skien, Norway, has announced its acquisition of Electronic Heating Equipment (EHE) Inc., a supplier of impeders, coils, scarfing equipment, and related products to tube and pipe manufacturers. EHE founder John Wright will... Read more...


January 23, 2012
Low-power induction welding machine designed for tube and pipe fabricators
EFD Induction has added low-power machines to its Weldac line of induction welding machines. The welding machines have a power rating of 50 to 225 kW and smaller footprints than other machines in the line, but the same 0.95 constant power... Read more...


October 10, 2011
Heat-treating line pipe weld seams
The world’s demand for energy has been growing more or less steadily for years, with no end in sight. According to the International Energy Agency, the petroleum supply increased from 76.76 million barrels per day in September 2001 to... Read more...


December 13, 2010
Induction welding machines facilitate small-dimension tube welding
Patented switching technology on EFD Induction's Weldac induction welding machines now allows the machines to use IGBT transistors at frequencies up to 500 kHz for small-dimension tube welding. The improvements have led to lower stress and... Read more...