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October 1, 2013
Split-frame pipe cutter designed for ODs up to 120 in.
E. H. Wachs has introduced the new LDSF (large-diameter split-frame) pipe cutter for cold cutting, beveling, facing, and counterboring of large-diameter pipes and vessels. Four standard sizes cover pipe from 60 to 120 in. OD. Features include... Read more...


June 17, 2013
E.H. Wachs adds videos to YouTube channel
E.H. Wachs, Lincolnshire, Ill., has announced that four new videos are available for viewing on its YouTube channel. The videos highlight products and tools designed to help project managers, welding contractors, and field machinists estimate... Read more...


June 13, 2013
Tools, equipment help increase pipe weld prep accuracy
E.H. Wachs offers weld prep tools designed to cut, bevel, J-prep, counterbore, flange face, and single point pipes from 2 to 72 in. OD. They use a cold cutting process that eliminates the hazards related to torch cutting and grinding, which is... Read more...


October 13, 2009
Pipe cutter, beveler also performs socket weld removal, chipless wheel cutting
The Small Diameter Split Frame (SDSF) from E.H. Wachs® is an externally mounted machine tool for cutting, beveling, and counterboring pipe from 0.84 to 4.5 in. in diameter. It also can perform socket weld removal and chipless wheel cutting.... Read more...


September 16, 2008
Multiaxis power drill drills, bores, taps pipes of any diameter
The Wachs Multi-Axial PowerDrill is designed to drill, bore, and tap pipes of any diameter. The drill features a tool diameter of 5 in., high-torque gearing, long feed travel, and five axes of adjustment. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic... Read more...