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June 14, 2011
ELCo names new sales manager
ELCo Enterprises Inc., Jackson, Mich., has promoted Robert Wilburn to western Great Lakes sales manager. The territory includes western Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Wilburn has been with the company for more than five... Read more...


May 3, 2010
Gauge detects welding wire level in drums, boxes
The Wire Wizard® wire level gauge from ELCo Enterprises Inc. detects the amount of wire left in weld wire drums or boxes. The gauge, which attaches to the cover of the drum or box, features magnetic wire detection that slides down the drum or... Read more...


March 24, 2009
Smooth wire feeding, smooth welding
Welders often take inconvenience for granted. If a wire feeds inconsistently, or if setup takes forever and a day, so be it. It's the way it's always been, so why question it? Nevertheless, questioning everything is a key tenet of lean... Read more...


January 13, 2009
Wire feed assist enhanced
ELCo Enterprises Inc. has made several changes to its Wire Pilot® wire feed assist. The unit is designed to help a wire feeder move large-diameter wire or long runs through the conduit in welding applications. The unit now features... Read more...


November 6, 2007
Nozzle spray station helps reduce spatter buildup in single spray
The Torch Wizard™ nozzle spray station from ELCo helps reduce spatter buildup on GMAW nozzles in a single spray. It coats the nozzle bore, face, and exterior simultaneously. Two models are available: pneumatic for semiautomatic... Read more...


August 7, 2007
Antispatter sprayer is refillable, rechargeable
The Wizard Shield™ metal-protectant spray can from ELCo Inc. is a refillable and rechargeable sprayer that applies the company's Blue Magic™ or Blue Chill™ welding antispatter solution. The heavy-duty spray can is easy to... Read more...