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March 19, 2013
Fab-Line Machinery hosts open house
Fab-Line Machinery LLC, St. Charles, Ill., hosted its annual customer appreciation/open house on Feb. 28. Guests traveled from Washington, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. The event included demonstrations of the new APHS Compact,... Read more...


July 19, 2012
Plasma machine incorporates true hole, rapid part technology
Fab Line Machinery has introduced the Baykal model BPL-H plasma machine. It incorporates the Hypertherm Full Suite, which employs true hole and rapid part technology. Available options include a drill station, beveling capability, dust... Read more...


January 9, 2012
Fab-Line Machinery announces management appointment
Fab-Line Machinery LLC, St. Charles, Ill., has appointed Tom Millen as eastern regional manager and plasma product manager. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fabrication industry. In this position, Millen assists in developing and... Read more...


May 6, 2011
The big job of high-tonnage bending
The view of a 1,000-ton press brake from 100 feet way and that of a 100-ton press brake from 10 ft. away is somewhat similar. However, the jobs done on those press brakes differ greatly. Bending the big stuff is a much larger endeavor.... Read more...


October 8, 2009
A giant among machines
The idea of ordering a 40-foot-long press brake was no problem for Greiner Industries, Mount Joy, Pa. The real work started when the brake was ready for delivery. The company had to find a way to get the mammoth machine to its shop. The... Read more...