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  • Faccin srl – The world largest bending roll manufacturer. Faccin srl, thanks to its 30 years+ experience, have been the undisputed world leader in designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling plate and section bending rolls, dishing and flanging lines for large dome ends. For light plates, initial pinch machines ASI are available or the HCU models with urethane rolls for high production. For heavier thickness the range includes the 4 HEL four roll series and the HAV/S three rolls variable geometry. Ships and aerospace frame rolls, presses and special machines complete the our production range to roll plates less than 1mm thin up to 6ins. with useful working lengths exceeding 60ft. Any need of profile bending in the heavy duty capacity can be satisfied choosing from the range of RCMI and TAURUS models with bending capacities up to 1.100in3. FACCIN dished end production line, includes dishing presses (PPM) and automatic manipulators (MA). A large choice of automatic flanging machines (BF), is included with capacities from 0.4ins to over 1.6ins in heads thickness and up to 33ft diameter. FACCIN S.r.l. Italy is all around the world through: Faccin USA Inc.; Faccin Deutschland GmbH; Faccin China Ltd.

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