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May 14, 2014
Encapsulated wire wheel brushes designed for pipeline applications
Flexovit USA Inc. has introduced Black Gold encapsulated wire wheel brushes for pipeline applications that require precise, aggressive cleaning action. An elastomer secures the individual wire tips to protect the operator from wire breakage and... Read more...


April 23, 2014
Ultrathin abrasive cutoff wheels leave no burrs, burns
Flexovit USA Inc. has introduced Razor Thin abrasive cutoff wheels. The ultrathin wheels offer fast, smooth cutting, giving maximum cuts with minimal kerf loss while providing reduced cutting resistance and sparks, the company reports. The... Read more...


October 3, 2013
Thin combination wheels perform multiple jobs
Flexovit has introduced Flex Fusion thin combination wheels. Developed for applications that typically would require multiple abrasive products, the wheels have a reinforcement configuration that allows the user to cut, deburr, notch, and... Read more...