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January 12, 2015
Laser marking system handles oversized parts
The FiberTower™ MegaCenter™ is one of the largest standard laser marking systems produced by Fonon, with an oversized enclosure equipped with a direct-drive inverted X-Y linear motor drive system. The ultracompact, energy-saving,... Read more...


September 11, 2014
3-D laser metal printing device introduced
Fonon has unveiled the new 3D FUSION™ system for 3-D laser metal printing. This additive manufacturing technology can be used in the medical, manufacturing, defense, aerospace, and high-technology engineering and electronics sectors. The... Read more...


May 20, 2014
Nanotech material splitting technology developed
Fonon Technologies Intl. has developed an industrial process known as Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWLCT™). The technique uses a laser-controlled Power Density profile on the material surface to generate subsurface forces... Read more...