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February 25, 2014
Frommelt Safety to streamline product line
Frommelt Safety Products, Milwaukee, has announced that it will streamline its product line beginning April 1. From that date forward, the company will concentrate manufacturing efforts on its machine-guarding products, which include automated... Read more...


November 6, 2013
New robotic standards to improve safety and productivity
The past two years have been marked by significant changes in industrial safety standards in the U.S., and metal fabricators who aren’t carefully monitoring these developments may find that their machinery and processes no longer comply... Read more...


January 26, 2012
Automated barrier door introduced
Frommelt Safety has introduced the Guardian Defender automated barrier door for guarding machinery, containing processes, and protecting employees from robotic and machine movement zones. Features include patent-pending upgrades to its... Read more...


December 15, 2009
Automated barrier door prevents entry into robotic welding machine area
Frommelt Safety Products offers the Slimline automated barrier door for robotic welding applications. The unit helps eliminate weld flash and flying debris and prevents entry into the machine area. The door can open in 1 to 2 sec. for most... Read more...


May 10, 2005
Robotic cell enclosure provides air filtration
Frommelt Safety Products offers the Cap-Ture air filtration system for robotic welding cell enclosures. Available as a platform-complete cell or in modular components, the robotic cell comes with roll-down safety interlocking doors, fencing or... Read more...