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June 13, 2013
Door comes with replaceable panels in vinyl, mesh, clear PVC
Goff's Enterprises Inc. has added the Spring Assist Door to its G2 Lite line. The door features an internal custom torsion spring and an interior chain-pull, quick-release feature to help simplify opening. The centrifugal latching mechanism... Read more...


August 9, 2012
Weld blankets protect against welding sparks, cutting spatter
Goff's Enterprises has added weld blankets to its product line. The lightweight, flexible weld blankets are designed to be draped over materials, equipment, vehicles, and vehicle interiors to provide protection from welding and grinding... Read more...


August 23, 2010
Freestanding welding, grinding workcells block 100 percent UV light
Goff's freestanding workcells are designed to isolate and contain welding fumes and sparks while blocking 100 percent UV light, according to the company. Constructed with weld- and spark-resistant 14-oz. vinyl and 14-mil weld view... Read more...