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February 10, 2014
The emergence of Saudi America
Few inventions have changed the dynamics of world trade more than the internal combustion engine. The four-stroke engine was perfected around 1876 in Duetz, Germany, shortly after the first commercially viable oil well was drilled in 1859 in... Read more...


September 10, 2010
Cold sawing turned inside out
Cold sawing has been among the most widely used methods for cutting tubes, pipes, bars, and profiles for as long as anyone can remember. The technology has been anything but static. It has evolved steadily over time through advances in... Read more...


April 15, 2008
Will tube and pipe industry have energy to continue expanding?
If you have been involved in the tube and pipe industry for more than a few months, you're well aware that this industry is in the midst of an unprecedented global expansion. It has undergone periods of active investment and rapid growth in... Read more...