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  • Greiner Industries is committed to meeting our customers’ needs. We produce all types of structural, plate and miscellaneous metal work, such as heavy beams, columns, trusses, girders, plate fabrication, combination structural members, tanks, bins, hoppers, material handling systems and more.

We are AISC certified for Complex Steel Building Structures and Major Steel Bridges with Fracture-Critical Endorsement and Sophisticated Coatings Endorsement, plus SSPC-QP3 certification for the application of Protective Coatings, as well as ASME certifications H, U, S and R. Flux core welding procedures are qualified to AWS D1.5 (bridge welding). ASME and AWS-qualified welders are employed; full-time Quality Control Personnel are on staff, including Certified Welding Inspectors.

Greiner takes pride in its role as a leading provider of turnkey services to customers from a diverse industrial and geographical area. No other single company in the central/southeastern section of Pennsylvania has greater capabilities to specialize in metalworking, fabrication, blasting & liquid coatings, machining, welding, piping, installation, electrical, trucking, lifting and rigging. With the support of outstanding personnel and loyal customers, the company has evolved from a one-man welding shop to more than 250 people and a 200-acre complex with 366,000 square feet of work area “under roof.” Greiner’s reputation is built on our initiative to stay in the forefront of modern technology in order to provide high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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