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January 15, 2014
Gas-fired belt conveyor oven preheats steel parts
Grieve has produced No. 956, a gas-fired, 800-degrees-F belt conveyor oven currently used for preheating steel parts at a customer's facility. Workspace dimensions are 30 by 108 by 39 in. The modulating natural gas burner heats the unit with... Read more...


April 3, 2013
Two-compartment cabinet oven preheats large dies
The Grieve Corp. has manufactured No. 1028, a twin-compartment, 750-degrees-F electric cabinet oven used for preheating large dies at a customer's facility. Each compartment measures 40 by 42 by 51 in. The 100-kW, INCOLOY® alloy-sheathed tubular... Read more...


February 12, 2008
Electrically heated tempering furnace features air-operated vertical lift door
The Grieve Corp.'s No. 837 is a 1,450-degree-F, electrically heated tempering furnace used for preheating prior to welding and for postwelding heat treatments. Measuring 60 in. by 60 in. by 60 in., the furnace has 180 kW installed in... Read more...