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March 20, 2015
Laser welding machine allows coil end welding on strip as thin as 0.003 in.
Guild Intl. has introduced the LHMA laser welding machine. It creates complete edge-to-edge welds, without the need for start and stop tabs, on strip as thin as 0.003 in. According to the company, this capability has been unavailable until now.... Read more...


July 14, 2009
Coil end welding machine accommodates strip widths 0.250 to 3 in., thicknesses up to 0.060 in.
Guild Intl. has developed a welding machine for joining coil ends on production lines producing cored wire. The HMA Welder produces complete edge-to-edge welds on all types of lines producing cored wire from flat strip. It accommodates strip... Read more...


May 15, 2008
Guild Intl. marks 50-year anniversary
Guild Intl., Bedford, Ohio, has announced that this year marks the 50th anniversary of its founding. In 1958 Donald Wheeler—father of the company's current president, Michael Wheeler—began what then was known as Guild Metal Equipment... Read more...