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May 9, 2013
Weld shaver removes beads from flat, fillet welds
Heck Industries has introduced a hand-operated fillet weld shaver. The tool uses indexable carbide inserts in a milling cutter to remove weld beads from flat butt welds and inside 90-degree fillet welds. The unit features adjustable depth of... Read more...


March 14, 2013
Vegetable-based cutting oil works on variety of metals
Heck Industries offers Crazy Larry's Secret Lube cutting oil. Suitable for tapping, drilling, milling, reaming, turning, and broaching, the lubricant can be sprayed or brushed on. The vegetable-based cutting oil is suitable for use on steel,... Read more...


July 11, 2012
Plate beveler designed for edge beveling, finish chamfering
Heck offers the new model 4000 Bevel-Mill plate beveler, designed for edge beveling in weld preparation and finish chamfering. The 22-lb. machine uses a 2.5-HP motor to bevel 6 to 8 FPM. Features include variable angle of 15 to 45 degrees,... Read more...