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February 3, 2015
Hydraulic roller bars assist die change process
Hilma offers hydraulic roller bars in pairs or sets to lift the die and provide a roller surface to roll the die in and out during the die change process. For use in standard 1.0625-in. or ASA T-slots, the bars’ hydraulically operated... Read more...


April 17, 2014
Compact power unit suitable for die clamping/lifting systems
A new electrically driven, high-pressure hydraulic power unit from Hilma Div. of Carr Lane Roemheld is suitable for small and midsize die clamping and lifting systems. The compact, lightweight, modular unit comes with a motor, pump, oil... Read more...


October 8, 2009
Magnetic quick die change system introduced
Hilma, Ellisville, Mo., has introduced the M-TECS magnetic quick die change system. The system clamps existing dies without retooling. The clamping force is evenly distributed, which reduces tool wear. Custom engineered for individual... Read more...