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September 7, 2012
Fabricator trades bend-cut-bend-cut-bend-cut-weld-grind-polish-blend sequence for bend- bend-bend-polish sequence
To say that the management team at SF Tube Inc., Hayward, Calif., is frugal in its spending would be an understatement. The outlook is one of caution, making investments only after careful research. It’s not that the company... Read more...


April 11, 2012
Fabricator reduces part handling, improves consistency with combination bender
Elmer Stucky never intended to be a full-time fabricator. The founder of Full Vision Inc., Newton, Kan., was a farmer while the industry was undergoing a transformation. The internal combustion engine led to a wave of mechanization that... Read more...


February 27, 2003
CPR for your old CNC bender
Have you considered rebuilding and upgrading? Its primary advantage is cost, and cost effectiveness increases as bender size increases. Other advantages include the operator's familiarity with the bender and use of the same tooling. Let's... Read more...