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  • HOUGEN…RESHAPING THE HOLEMAKING INDUSTRY WITH INNOVATIONS Innovation comes with a sense of purpose and Hougen’s has been to solve the tough holemaking problems. That’s why we’ve been the “go to” guys for over 50 years. Why? For starters we offer the broadest range of annular cutting tools and 23 different magnetic drill models, all supported by over 4000 worldwide distributors and 47 service centers. Some of our latest innovations include patented quill-feed drill models that maintain a constant profile. They fit in tight quarters, provide fast, smooth feeds throughout the cut and don’t require gib adjustments. Another is our patented swivel base drill models let you quickly position the magnet, unlock the swivel base and accurately line up the center point. The result is a faster, more accurate hole, even when drilling in horizontal our inverted positions. And power feed models and ultra low-profile drills round out the line. Other products include our full line of sheet metal hole cutters provide accurate, clean holes in all types of sheet metal and light plate metals…all without damaging the surrounding material. Hougen®-Ogura® Punch-Pro™ Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers let you punch more holes, more often, in more places because of their single body construction. At Hougen, we listen. We invent. We partner. We respond. We change, to meet the industry needs and especially yours.

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