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March 18, 2014
Hynes Industries names CEO, senior VPs
Hynes Industries, Youngstown, Ohio, a supplier and processor of strip steel, roll formed shapes, and flat wire, has announced CEO D.R. Golding has decided to step aside, and Jim Blair, current vice president of finance and corporate treasurer,... Read more...


June 27, 2011
Hynes Industries names four vice presidents
Hynes Industries, a North American supplier and processor of steel and nonferrous metals in Youngstown, Ohio, has announced four new leadership position changes. Patrick A. Montana has been named vice president – operations and is... Read more...


January 10, 2011
Hynes Industries wins Wabash National Platinum Award
Wabash National Corp., Lafayette, Ind., has recognized the quality and delivery performance of Hynes Industries Inc., Youngstown, Ohio, with a Platinum Award. Hynes is the exclusive supplier of roll formed roof bows, side posts, and other... Read more...