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June 20, 2013
Micromachining system suitable for multipurpose, small-scale production
IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced the IX-255 UV laser micromachining system. The flexible system is designed for multipurpose, R&D, and small-scale production applications. The multifunctional system can be configured with a beam energy... Read more...


February 13, 2013
Kilowatt-class fiber lasers offer improved wall plug efficiency
IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced a line of kilowatt-class, low-mode ytterbium fiber lasers. The 1,060-nm YLS-xxx-Y13 series offers up to 33 percent wall plug efficiency, up to two times average improvement in beam quality, and more than three... Read more...


May 17, 2012
Fiber lasers available in several new models
IPG has introduced a variety of new fiber lasers. The company has added new models with output power up to 100 W to its line of high-power, low-noise, single-mode, single-frequency CW green fiber lasers. The GLR series lasers feature compact,... Read more...