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NC, CNC, Push-roll variable radius rotary and roll benders.

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  • We offer turnkey solutions to rotary and roll bending applications and press forming. Representing YLM, SIMASV, and Tre C, we provide application determination, sales, tooling, training, and service. The product lines include manual, NC, and PC controlled machines to fit a variety of production and financial needs. YLM features push-roll bending on touch-screen CNC machines allowing large and tight radius bends in one operation. YLM has a full range of machines utilizing hydraulic, hybrid or all electric control. Tre C features direct radius programming on the icon based 3-driven roll CNC machines with a variety of control options. SIMASV is a leader in press benders with the patented rapid change tooling. With the cylinder mouinted under the table the work surface is free of interferences that may prevent part creation. Contact us for your needs as we have too many solutions to describe fully here.

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