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January 24, 2011
Tube, pipe cutting equipment - Part I
Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a two-part series. Part I covers developments in saws and waterjet machines. Part II deals with lasers and plasma cutting machines. For metal fabricators that work with sheet... Read more...


December 11, 2007
Automatic circular saw cuts aluminum, copper, brass
Kaltenbach Inc.'s SKL450NA automatic aluminum saw is designed for straight and miter cutting of aluminum profiles and solids, but also is capable of free-machining copper and brass extrusions and small solids. Maximum rectangular capacity is 4... Read more...


August 10, 2004
Miter sawing adds eye appeal to structural steel
As a structural steel fabricator, you may have operated a miter saw. The fact is, however, in many other shops the miter feature has rarely been used because, traditionally, most steel buildings—from the skyscraper to the humble... Read more...


April 24, 2003
Boatmaker finds new saw for trailer production
Recently the company wanted to increase the efficiency of its trailer-building operation. Specifically, this entailed replacing a 20-year-old sawing machine plagued by performance that was no longer satisfactory, broken blades, and poor... Read more...