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  • Koike Aronson, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality Welding, Positioning and Thermal Cutting equipment including: universal balance positioners, turning rolls, manipulators, robotic, and geared elevated equipment that will tilt, rotate and lift objects from one to a million pounds. Our thermal cutting machines, utilizing oxy-fuel, plasma arc, laser and waterjet technology are in worldwide use by all types of businesses from small fabricators to major steel service centers. Koike Aronson, Inc. is known for manufacturing machines with quality, dependability and long, reliable service life.

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    Koike Aronson Inc.
    635 W. Main St.
    P.O. Box 307
    Arcade, NY 14009

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    Email: info@koike.com
    Phone: 585-492-2400
    Fax: 585-457-3517

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