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October 28, 2014
Laser marking/engraving system uses CO2 and fiber
Laser Photonics offers the LaserTower™ series XP Plus Duo laser marking and engraving system. It uses CO2 and Q-switched fiber lasers for direct parts marking, UID, and deep engraving in the aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, and... Read more...


September 23, 2014
Fiber laser system suitable for desktop use
Laser Photonics has introduced the LaserTower™ LG - Little Giant fiber laser system. It is equipped with a 20-W, Q-switched fiber laser (1,060 nm), FiberScan C3 LG™ (Rev2.1-2014) software, and a safety enclosure with a laser-rated protective... Read more...


August 13, 2014
Laser marking/engraving system has direct-drive, inverted XYZ motion
The FiberTower™ MegaCenter™ marking/engraving system from Laser Photonics has an oversized enclosure equipped with a direct-drive, inverted X-Y linear motor drive system. Operating as a stand alone unit or as part of an inline... Read more...


July 1, 2010
Analyzing the potential of the solid-state laser
Lasers unleash the power of nature’s light packet, the photon. To make a laser, you basically energize, or “pump," electrons into a host medium so that they produce more photons, amplify that energy within an optical resonator... Read more...


March 13, 2007
Marking system introduced for general industrial applications
Laser Photonics has introduced its Fantom™ Series OEM CO 2 laser marking and engraving kit for general industrial applications. The kits, which come in 10-, 30-, 50-, and 100-W models, are based on the new generation of folded wave guide... Read more...