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August 26, 2014
Circular saw blades cut carbon steels, mild alloys
LENOX® has entered the circular saw market with the launch of the CircTech™ Precision platform. It features a tensioning system that allows the blade to maintain plate flatness and tight tolerances, the company states. The tooth design and... Read more...


September 10, 2013
Carbide band saw blade coated to prevent heat buildup
LENOX® offers the LENOX ARMOR CT BLACK® carbide band saw blade. The coating comprises aluminum, titanium, and nitrogen to protect each tooth from heat and wear. The blade features backing steel is heat-treated and prepared to help minimize... Read more...


August 10, 2004
Band saw designed for cutting highly abrasive material
LENOX® has introduced the HRc line of carbide-tipped band saw blades designed to cut highly abrasive materials, such as case-hardened materials, steel-belted tires, railroad track, and chrome-plated shafting. The blades' micrograined heat-... Read more...