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Punch presses, laser cutting systems, hydraulic press brakes, guillotine shears, press brake tooling, CAD/CAM software

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  • LVD Strippit manufactures CNC turret punch presses; a broad range of laser cutting systems; servo-controlled hydraulic press brakes; guillotine shears; flexible fabricating systems; press brake tooling and CAD/CAM programming software, as well as automatic material handling systems, automatic storage and retrieval devices. LVD Strippit also provides complete training, service and support. As a leading manufacturer of metalforming equipment, LVD Strippit is the one source for all your fabricating equipment needs.

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    LVD Strippit
    12975 Clarence Center Road
    Akron, NY 14001

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    Phone: 716-542-4511
    Fax: 716-542-5957

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    Vice President of Marketing
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