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  • With expertise in magnetic and nonmagnetic material handling applications, Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI) provides the know-how and equipment needed to improve manufacturing processes. MPI is particularly well-versed in metal stamping and cold heading and provides a complete line of electric shakers, sheet fanners, beltless magnetic conveyors, steel belt conveyors, magnetic rails and pulleys, and pick-and-place magnets for automation applications. MPI has the ability and experience to provide any type of magnetic conveyor or nonmagnetic conveyor, from beltless magnetic conveyors to trough-belt conveyor systems. MPI systems handle a variety of applications and perform reliably even in the roughest production environments. MPI, based in southeastern Michigan, leads the material handling industry by continuously engineering inventive equipment and advancing customer education through significant investments in research and development and proactive product training. For over 30 years, MPI has implemented a business model that combines technologically superior equipment with industry-leading customer service.

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