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December 3, 2012
Ironworker basics: Cut it clean
The ironworker is the Swiss army knife of metal fabrication. It notches, it copes, it bends plate and pipe, it slices (though it doesn’t dice). And like the Swiss army knife, the ironworker remains at its core a cutting tool, be it for... Read more...


October 14, 2008
Growing season: Fabricating for agriculture
The Curfmans live in Sunnyside, Wash., an enviable place amid the wineries proliferating in the Yakima River Valley, southeast of Seattle. Their company, FSI Fabrication Inc., manufactures products for what many would call an enviable industry:... Read more...


August 12, 2008
(Un) memorable fabrication
Unmemorable Fabrication The Entertainment Systems and Manufacturing divisions of Oceaneering Intl. go to great lengths not to be noticed. Millions have seen their work, but most wouldn't think it has anything to do with structural metal... Read more...