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June 13, 2006
Poor Boy Blacksmith
Ken Scharabok, on left, shows a young student and his father, right, the basics of good fire management with a coal forge. Unique among the ancient craftsmen, blacksmiths could make their own tools. Because they had years of... Read more...


June 14, 2005
The blades of Don Fogg—a cut above
This 11.375-in. blade was forged from 1095 steel; the habaki* is made from 40 percent shibuichi, gold-plated nickel silver seppa, and Damascus tsuba. *See glossary at the end of the article for swordsmithing terms. Photo courtesy of Don... Read more...


September 14, 2004
Not your average museum—a metal art mecca
Editors Note: Bob Nichols, author of The Fire of Creation , a reader favorite on, recently toured the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tenn. The following account of that tour display only a few of the many... Read more...