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October 15, 2012
Digital turntable rotates weld assemblies to 300 lbs.
MK Products has introduced the new CobraTurn™ digital turntable. With a balanced load capacity of 300 lbs. (horizontally) in forward and reverse operation, the turntable rotates small to large weld assemblies. The blue LED offers... Read more...


June 14, 2011
Welding gun flexible barrel bends from 180 degrees to beyond 90 degrees
MK Products has introduced a flexible barrel that bends from 180 degrees to beyond 90 degrees depending on the application. The Flex Barrel offers the ability to weld in difficult areas found in aluminum welding. It also can be used for... Read more...


April 10, 2007
Power source designed for push-pull systems
MK Products has introduced the CobraMig® 400P, a pulsed GMAW welding power source that works with the Cobramatic wire feed push-pull technology. Exclusive CobraMig® 400P software algorithms allow for hard wire and aluminum welding when... Read more...


December 13, 2005
MK Products names vice president of sales
MK Products, Irvine, Calif., has promoted Paco Perez to the position of vice president of sales. Perez manages the sales for the company and works with large OEM customers. He has been with the company for 13 years holding various positions... Read more...


September 14, 2004
Spool gun suitable for aluminum GMAW
MK Products' Sidewinder™ Mini-Spool™ gun with small diameter wire feeding capacity is suitable for aluminum GMAW. Weighing 26 oz. with the wire spool, the ergonomically designed gun is simple to maneuver, the company reports. A... Read more...