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May 3, 2012
How CRM can help— and not hinder—the sales rep
Customer relationship management, or CRM, software has a bad reputation. Many consider CRM to be simply a burden on salespeople. The software means they now must click here to file reports, click there to access the quoting system, click here... Read more...


January 31, 2011
CRM and the job shop
Walk the shop floor of any successful contract fabricator these days and you’ll find signs of process refinement. In the job shop, characterized by nonrepetitive jobs, we know that product quality and overall profitability depend on how well we... Read more...


June 1, 2010
What's NEXt? Growth
Two months ago Kevin Grossman arrived in Portland, Ore., to meet with a potential customer. Grossman is general manager of a contract metal fabricator, so one would assume he'd have a proposal at the ready, with what he hopes is a hard-to-beat... Read more...