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July 18, 2011
Nordfab Ducting becomes independent operation
After years of being tied operationally to a sister dust-collection company, Nordfab Ducting now operates independently as Nordfab LLC. The company, which manufactures clamp-together ducting for dust, mist, and fume collection, now operates with... Read more...


July 14, 2009
Diverter exhausts air from industrial machinery
Nordfab Ducting has introduced a standard-duty diverter that exhausts air only from industrial machinery while it is operating to help reduce the amount of heated or cooled air exhausted from the work area. The diverter can be manufactured from... Read more...


June 8, 2004
Plasma pleases plenty
In case you missed it, check out this excerpt from the article "National research programs explore plate welding for shipbuilding" in the March 2004 issue of The FABRICATOR®: One project objective is to introduce laser cutting... Read more...