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September 21, 2011
OTC Daihen, Miller Welding to host Aluminar 2011 October 5
OTC Daihen and Miller Welding are hosting a complimentary one-day seminar, Aluminar 2011, at Miller Welding's facility, 311 Post Road, Buchanan, Mich., on Wednesday, October 5. The seminar will feature demonstrations of aluminum arc welding... Read more...


September 14, 2011
OTC Daihen names new president
After leading OTC Daihen Inc., Tipp City, Ohio, for nearly five years, Keitaro Takahashi will step down as president. His successor, Masahiko "Masa" Sakida (pictured), has more than 24 years of experience in the welding and robotics... Read more...