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October 14, 2014
Multitool qualifier connects up to 16 tools wirelessly
Panasonic has introduced the EYFR03 multitool qualifier with 16-tool connectivity. The technology has integrated and remote I/O versions, features a color LCD screen and USB plug-and-play firmware updates, offers onboard data collection for up to... Read more...


March 11, 2008
Robotic aluminum GMAW system added to product line
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America has added TAWERS-Aluminum MIG to its TAWERS robot line. Suitable for high-performance, push-pull aluminum feeding, the system uses a three-motor system to ensure a quick and accurate wire feed. A... Read more...


January 15, 2008
Welding cell line expanded
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America has expanded its line of pre-engineered PerformArc welding cells with the addition of the PA-55. According to the company, the system typically produces as much as three manual welders while delivering... Read more...