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April 14, 2009
PaR Systems establishes defense division
PaR Systems Inc., St. Paul/Minneapolis, has established a defense division led by Jered President Rick Edger, supported by COO Tom Donovan. Donovan continues his role as Jered COO. Ian Haley, a naval andmarine industry executive whose most recent... Read more...


October 14, 2008
PaR Systems moves headquarters, robotics division
PaR Systems Inc. has moved its headquarters and robotics division to Shoreview, Minn. The move consolidates three facilities into one modernized building less than three miles from the company's previous location. All of its toll-free and... Read more...


September 11, 2007
Fabrication in transition
Which comes first—the purchase orders or the equipment investment? It's not quite the-chicken-or-the-egg question, but it's an interesting debate in the world of metal fabricating. Management at Arcadia Waterjet, Albany, N.Y., has asked... Read more...