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November 18, 2013
PHD adds Industries section to website
PHD Inc., a manufacturer of actuators for industrial automation, has introduced a new section on its website at . The site now offers visitors the ability to learn how the company's automation products are typically used in... Read more...


November 12, 2013
Parallel pneumatic grippers accommodate variety of part sizes
PHD Inc. has introduced the series GRH parallel pneumatic grippers, available in four sizes that provide long jaw travel while accommodating long tooling lengths. The design incorporates an extended support guide system with wide slot jaws to... Read more...


January 22, 2013
Impact sensor monitors equipment performance
PHD Inc. has introduced the PHD series KG impact sensor for monitoring equipment performance. It attaches to any piece of equipment that has motion. Featuring single-axis/bidirectional sensitivity, the sensor attaches to the moving part of... Read more...


February 7, 2011
Parallel grippers handle long tooling, heavy parts
PHD offers series GRK low-profile parallel grippers. They feature the highest grip force in their class, according to the manufacturer, and provide a high moment load capacity to handle long tooling and heavy parts. The ultrarigid,... Read more...


September 27, 2010
Compact parallel grippers can support large moment capacities and long tooling lengths
PHD has announced the release of the series GRA gripper. The compact, precision gripper, available in four sizes, can support large moment capacities and long tooling lengths. Its slim design allows ample space for stacking grippers in confined... Read more...


February 28, 2002
What to look for in end-of-arm tooling
Figure 1: Grippers with modular mountings can be reconfigured quickly for the next job. Many factors affect the real cost of clamps used in end-of-arm tooling. A clamp's original price is important, but other variables have their... Read more...