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September 11, 2007
Control upgrade kit for cutting systems offered
ProMotion® Controls Inc. has introduced an HS-862 upgrade kit for its older shape-cutting controls. The kit, designed to provide optimal Windows® operation, increases controller clock speed of the CPU and RAM. The kit is available for... Read more...


April 10, 2007
Drive system developed for shape-cutting machines
ProMotion Controls, in cooperation with Kollmorgen Servotronix and Koike Aronson, has developed a high-performance digital AC drive amplifier system for shape-cutting machinery. The AC iDrives are the first AC drives designed to work with various... Read more...


January 11, 2005
Shape-cutting CNC provides dual microprocessing capabilities
The PC-based ProMotion® DUO shape-cutting control from ProMotion Controls combines dual microprocessor technology and advanced software for multitasking, part creation, and nesting for oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet cutting applications. One... Read more...