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March 14, 2011
Pneumatic roll-out shelving rack has 4,000-lb. capacity
Proper Storage Systems has introduced full-extension pneumatic roll-out shelving racks for storing and accessing heavy tooling and materials, with a capacity of 4,000 lbs. The racks offer shelf widths from 36 to 66 in. and shelf depths of... Read more...


July 14, 2009
Press brake die storage system accommodates any die width
Proper Storage Systems Inc. has introduced a new press brake storage unit with rollout shelves. Each shelf has 10 sets of adjustable blocking to accommodate any die width. The shelves are 30 in. deep with widths of 48 and 96 in. The storage unit... Read more...


May 13, 2008
Rollout shelves store dies, fixtures, molds
Proper Storage Systems Inc. offers powered, full-extension rollout shelves for storing dies, fixtures, and molds. The shelves have capacities up to 20 tons each. The top of the unit has up to a 50-ton capacity. Shelf sizes are up to 250 in. wide... Read more...


August 28, 2003
Roll out the shelving
These units typically are used in conjunction with overhead cranes, roller arms, and powered conveyors located at the press. The operator pushes a button that rolls out a shelf, picks up the dies with an overhead crane, and takes them... Read more...