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October 1, 2009
Tapping into new capabilities on punching machines
Three years ago Sureway Tool & Engineering, Franklin Park, Ill., purchased a new precision punch press. Today the company is starting to tap into its full capabilities. The company was no stranger to punching, having been involved with CNC... Read more...


October 24, 2002
Remote control fabrication
Caterpillar®'s Technical Center relentlessly pursues a manufacturing vision for "...one of the world's largest welding shops." It started as another of the proliferating industry open houses organized by a supplier of metal forming and... Read more...


August 16, 2001
In search of the perfect bend
Press brake manufacturers have made tremendous advances in the art of machine design and manufacturing. Machine frame components are designed to use proven mechanical engineering principles combined with CAD technology to identify the areas most... Read more...