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October 7, 2013
Corrosion mechanisms, processes
As a metal fabricator, most of your focus is on changing the shape of a metal workpiece, whether you’re cutting, bending, end forming, piercing, notching, machining, or some other process. Most of these processes require an oil-,... Read more...


June 13, 2012
Update from Germany
“Oil and gas are the drivers right now,” said Karl Kunkel, global strategy director for Quaker Chemical Corp., commenting on the state of the tube and pipe industry. Quaker’s position as a global supplier of metalworking... Read more...


August 15, 2002
Understanding coating adhesion
Producers of tubular products used in oil field production, construction, and manufactured goods are responsible for manufacturing, storing, and shipping these materials to the end user free of rust and corrosion. This can be accomplished using... Read more...