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August 14, 2012
Fume extraction system keeps smoke away from laser
RoboVent designs and builds custom fume extraction systems for laser welding operations. The Plaser series collectors help decrease the number of faulty welds caused by smoke interfering with the laser and create a cleaner work environment by... Read more...


April 12, 2012
RoboVent opens Minneapolis office
RoboVent, a U.S. manufacturer of ventilation and filtration equipment for industry, has opened an office in suburban Minneapolis. Proximity to key industries including defense contractors, marine manufacturing, food processing, and composites... Read more...


March 21, 2011
Oil mist collection system designed for high-demand environments
RoboVent's Oil Mist series collection systems capture oil mist, filter it, and return clean air to the plant. The collectors are designed for use in high-demand environments, the company reports. Read more...


August 23, 2010
Welding station available in many configurations
RoboVent WeldBooths provide a complete welding station for educational facilities and production welding operations. The booths are available with a variety of optional configurations and accessories. They come with a built-in, 36- by 60-in.,... Read more...