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June 17, 2014
Long-pulse fiber laser suitable for production of microcontours with single pulses
Rofin offers the new long-pulse fiber laser LFS 300 for high-precision micro material processing. It features an average power of 300 W and 30-J pulse energy. The system generates pulses with up to 50-ms length, making it suitable for the... Read more...


April 15, 2014
Fiber laser, CO2 laser equipment designed for stainless steel tube fabrication
Rofin offers FL series fiber laser equipment for welding thin-walled stainless steel tubes, as well as CO2 slab lasers for welding medium- and thick-walled stainless steel tubes. The fiber lasers, with output power up to 6 kW, are suitable... Read more...


June 5, 2013
Laser welding system handles high-speed tube applications
The Profile Welding System (PWS) from Rofin is a turnkey laser welding system for high-speed tube and roll form applications. With its modular design, it can be integrated into lines performing continuous, high-speed seam welding. The system... Read more...