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June 30, 2014
Structural member roll forming line features quick tooling/profile changes
Samco’s heavy-duty structural member roll forming line takes heavy-gauge, high-strength material and roll forms it, precut and prepunched, into U-channel form. The line runs materials with yields of 460 to 660 MPa. It allows adjustable... Read more...


May 13, 2014
Nester/bundler helps improve packaging efficiency in roll forming
Samco Machinery Ltd. offers an automatic strut material handling nester and bundler that can be added to an existing strut roll forming line to help maximize packaging efficiency. Nesting profiles are 0.8125 to 3.25 in. high. The unit... Read more...


March 3, 2014
Roll forming line produces shelves automatically
Samco’s automated shelf roll forming line allows for the manufacture of shelf products from raw coil to finished shelf. The machine feeds coil strip to a prepunch and prenotch system, producing cut-to-length blanks that are roll formed and... Read more...