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  • Scotchman Industries’ corporate headquarters and 100,000 square feet manufacturing plant are located in Philip, South Dakota. Scotchman began manufacturing a 35-ton hydraulic ironworker in 1967. During the last forty years, Scotchman has grown to be America’s largest ironworker manufacturer. The hydraulic ironworkers are manufactured from 45 tons to 150 tons. They consist of a component tool design, which is by far the most versatile machine on the market. It allows the operator to use several different tools including punch, angle shear, channel shear, solid round and square rod shear, flat bar shear, rectangle notchers, 90 degree V notchers, press brakes, pipe notcher, tube shears as well as available special tooling. The machines are designed as a single operator or dual operator machine. Scotchman also manufacturers fully-integrated machines that have five built-in tools consisting of a punch, angle shear, flat bar shear, round & square rod shear and a rectangle notcher. The fully integrated style is also available in single or dual operator models. In 1988, Scotchman began manufacturing a complete line of circular cold saws from 10" and 14" manuals, semi-automatic to 12-1/2", to a fully automatic with an in-line bundle loader. A circular cold saw is designed to give a burr-free milled finish, with accuracy of + or - .002 per diameter inch in squareness, using a HSS blade at a very low RPM. In November of 2005, Scotchman purchased Advanced Measuring Systems located in Forney, Texas, and moved the manufacturing to Philip, South Dakota. Advanced Measuring Systems is a manual length-gauging device that can be mounted on all types of woodworking and metal working machinery. The measuring systems are manufactured using stainless steel investment castings that mount on a rail for quick, easy and fast length measuring; guaranteeing that your stop will not slip. Scotchman also distributes an American-made line of band saws with models ranging from a 10x16 manual and semi-automatic, a 14x19 semi-automatic to a fully automatic with a 40" shuttle index. Scotchman also distributes an American-made programmable stop/automatic feed system. This system is designed to be easily connected to numerous Scotchman machines and can also be connected to almost any type of metal working machinery. The system is easy to use and will increase your production, reduce operator error and eliminate scrap.

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