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November 8, 2005
Quick die change and the trend toward larger presses
Flexibility and change have become critical components for success in U.S. manufacturing. Increasingly for contract stampers, these changes include the acquisition of larger mechanical presses. It now is quite common for stampers to use... Read more...


August 9, 2005
Judging the quick and the die
Overseas competition, high material costs, just-in-time schedules, demanding quality requirements, stringent safety standards, and industry consolidation are the forces driving trends in the quick die change industry, industry experts say.... Read more...


January 13, 2004
Rolling bolsters bolster productivity
Shown out of the press, the guided wheels on this 120,000-pound rigid chain rolling bolster are evident on the front face of the bolster. One element of changing dies in stamping presses quickly and efficiently is the use of a rolling... Read more...