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April 28, 2014
Rigid chain product extends telescopically to 60 ft. for pipe ID inspection
Serapid Inc. has developed a new version of its telescopic rigid chain product for use in pipe inspection and processing applications. Its ability to extend telescopically allows it to extend 60 ft. or more through the inside of pipes at speeds... Read more...


November 6, 2007
Rigid chain pushes, pulls heavy dies, bolsters during changeover
Serapid's rigid chain locks together, forming a steel rod capable of pushing and pulling heavy dies and bolsters during changeover. The chain's speed and ability to position dies accurately helps reduce downtime and improve press productivity,... Read more...


January 11, 2005
Hydraulic roller bar moves dies more than 20,000 lbs.
Serapid's LGGH hydraulic roller bars allow heavy dies to be lifted and rolled on monodirectionally. Rugged construction coupled with a high-pressure hydraulic system (400 bar) ensures that a pair of standard-length bars will operate effectively... Read more...