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February 25, 2011
A shear and a robot, together at last
A guillotine shear epitomizes traditional metal fabrication. Machines and their controllers have advanced, but the motions operators go through have remained unchanged for decades. Managers at Lane Steel Co. knew this—and recognized an... Read more...


September 25, 2003
Hydraulic presses make their mark
Just like hydraulics technology itself, the market for presses based on it is fluid and dynamic. And for the first time in a while, the tide may be turning in favor of its practitioners. As many manufacturers report prosperity and strong... Read more...


March 14, 2002
Shock reduction methods for hydraulic presses
Does your stamping operation sometimes sound like a firing range, or do you see your presses shaking? If so, consider the cause and effect. Shock loading is sudden force that can damage all components of a press. In extreme cases, shock... Read more...