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February 12, 2014
Malleable cast-iron clamping squares work with modular welding tables
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced new BuildPro™ malleable cast-iron clamping squares. The compact, four-face, heavy-duty clamping squares feature 26 mounting holes over three surfaces for fixturing with BuildPro modular welding tables.... Read more...


April 17, 2013
The broader implications of modular weld fixturing
Welders must fit workpieces securely and precisely before laying down a bead to ensure dimensional accuracy and prevent distortion. Most manufacturing operations make jigs and fixtures as unique, one-off creations that must be designed by an... Read more...


September 11, 2012
Welding tables feature five-face design
Strong Hand Tools® is an authorized U.S. distributor of German-made Siegmund welding tables for heavy-duty fixturing applications. They feature a one-piece, five-face design with 0.98-in.-thick reinforced steel plate for a rigid work... Read more...


June 14, 2010
90-degree clamp holds workpieces from the outside, leaving unobstructed space inside for welding
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the 90-degree Corner Magnet™ for holding workpieces from the outside, leaving unobstructed space inside the workpiece for welding. The boomerang-shaped magnet is a 90-degree magnet square in reverse,... Read more...


December 16, 2008
Modular heavy-duty welding table provides 2-ton load capacity
Strong Hand Tools™ manufactures the BuildPro™ series of welding tables. Designed for modular, simplified use, the table is constructed of precision, hardened steel plates with 5/8-in. holes in a 2-in. grid pattern. Each plate can be... Read more...